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Traducir al Inglés en Informe de Planificación (Inglés)


General objective of the project...............................2
Organization of work (rules)...................................3
Personal data..................................................3


The general objective of this project is to program a week in the nursery school “Mimitos”. That for, we have contextualized the next form:

The nursery school “Mimitos” is located in Albal in the street Sequia Reial del Xúquer.

This is an area that joins the village with the industrial zone, although that zone is very quiet.

This area has:

  • Bars, restaurants, a cake shop, a takeaway food shop, a greengrocer’s…
  • Rinya farm (it makes dairy products).
  • Falleros” zone.
  • Children play area.
  • Balaguera park.
  • Cemetery.

The buildings are less than 10 years old, they have from 5 to 6 plants, there are also old village houses and single-family attached homes. It is a middle class neighbourhood pulling to medium-high.

Near here there is the village of Santa Ana, which belongs to Albal; there is a chapel, parks, a sports centre, a swimming pool, an equestrian resort...Everywhere there are orchards.

There are two important and famous celebrations in this village:

  • 3rd of February: San Blas Festivity. A mass in the chapel of Santa Ana is celebrated. According to the tradition, you have to make the signal of the cross on the throat with holy water to prevent colds. There is a medieval market in the street.
  • July: Santa Ana. There are bulls around the street, disco, festivals, concerts…On the 26th there is a procession.

In June, July and August they make summer cinema in the Sant Carles Park.

Mimitos” is a private nursery school that has eight classrooms which are distributed as follows:

-0 to 1 year: 2 classrooms. (16 children)

-1 to 2 years: 3 classrooms. (39 children)

-2 to 3 years: 3 classrooms. (60 children)

In total, it has a capacity for 115 children.


1. We must respect the opinions of the collegues. 
2. We will communicate by mobile phone and we will make sure the message reaches all of us. 
3. The meetings will be at Florida University. 
4. We have to attend the meetings, except if someone cannot, in which case a part of the work will be assigned to this person. 
5. Punctuality in deliveries is required.  
6. Do not leave for tomorrow what you could do today. 
7. Punctuality in the meetings is required 
8. Monica will be our coordinator and Tania our secretary. 
9. In the auto evaluation, we will start from the maximum note, and if there are mistakes, we will lower the note.
Mobile phone
Carmen Martínez Borgoñón
María Andrés García
Mónica Tomás García
Nerea Arias Prieto
Tania Murgui Famoso


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